Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Top Ten Selections - DollaMix

DollaMix has been blazing up dance-floors around town in the past few months, playing weekly Wednesday night sessions at Seam Bar, starting up the ‘World Series Dancehall’ nights, and DJ'ing at various other parties in the area. He is known for bringing the freshest dancehall selections to the Welly massive, while mixing it up with the classics. You can catch him this weekend at the next ‘World Series’ party, at Seam Bar, Saturday 25 – a night to check out for sure. Nuff respect to DollaMix for his Top Ten Track Selections for March.

DollaMixes' Big Tunes

1. Sleng Teng Resurrection - Bounty Killer
Double time madness from the 'cross, angry, mizzerable' Maestro. (Note: Dibby DJ Alert: Original by Wayne Smith far too played out. Leave at home please).

2. Welcome To Jamrock - LP - Damian Marley
Fusion crossover perfection from Marley Jnr. Whole album pretty good with obvious stand outs. Dancehall for the whole family. See you at the concert...

3. Loving That You Want - Rhianna
Where'd this gyal come from anyway? Sexy, black, barbie-doll pop. You know you love it - don't front!

4. More Punnany - Doctor Evil
Freshest new style award goes to... Dr Evil. Proving comedy still rules the dancehall (Chorus: “Last nite me got some punnany. Rite now me want more punnany”!). Nuff said.

5. Ghetto Story - Baby Cham
Back from the brink of cross-over hell with an instant classic! Mad rewinds with this one. (Anything on Eighty-five riddim will do actually).

6. Take It Easy - Ritchie Spice
...And any other song this guy has made in the last year.

7. Oh Yes - Sizzla
Only Sizzla Kalonji could take a beat this minimal and turn it into a darned opera! (PC DJ alert: No batty slaying pon dis record (not that I can make out anyway).

8. Can't Satisfy Her - I Wayne
This is just one of those records. Drop this one any time, any where! Puullll Upppp!

9. As a Man - Assassin
"It's anudda one - Murrdah"! Good, hard, gimmick-less fuel injected deejaying over good, hard, gimmick-less riddim (Sleepy Dog) One for the headphones. One for the Heads!

10. Let's Dance - Elephant Man
No, not a Bowie cover (not yet?) - It's a Cindy Lauper cover! The gals’ dem just wanna have fun after all. Exquisite stoopidity. (warning: drunks only...).

11. BONUS OLDIE: Movie Star - Wayne Wonder
Just doesn't get any better than this.


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