Thursday, February 02, 2006

Heads Up

There has been some confusion recently about the recent Channel One Sound System (UK) visit to the Big Day Out, in particular, Ch1's founding member, MikeyDread. NiceUp would just like to clarify for those that don't know, there is indeed more than one MikeyDread...

Info about Mikey Dread and the Channel One SoundSystem (UK) is online @

Michael Campbell - 'The Dread at the Controls' - Mikey Dread is also online with info and music etc @


Blogger Peter said...

Hey Venus
Been enjoying your blog, nice work. Looking forward to your Soundsplash review.
Got a question for you - i've been gettting some comments from oz reggae fans re the Mikey Dread confusion - do you think the Big Day Out are at fault here? I'm aware that Channel One's Mikey Dread has a long history in the UK (not as long as Mikey Dread at the controls) Be interested to hear your take on it. Cheers

8:59 AM  
Blogger Venus said...

Hey Peter,

Thanks for the comment and link - big up to you ( too. I think the recent confusion surrounding the two Mikey Dreads has been quite unfortunate. I guess it primarily happened because Channel One Soundsystem are not so familiar to N.Z. audiences, whereas "the Dread at the Controls" is. I myself did not see or hear of any misleading information coming from the Big Day Out regarding this. I think that the majority of confusion came from peeps assuming it was going to be the DATC. However I did hear of an incidence in Oz where there seemed to be a bit of misinformation coming from "official sources" which I thought sounded quite bad.

It has however raised the issue of how important it is for promoters to be very clear about the messages and information they are sending out to the people.


2:40 PM  

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