Saturday, October 01, 2005

Ruffneck Souljah Australian Tour

Respect to Souljah Sensi from Ruffneck Souljah for his report on two of the gigs which took place on their September tour to Australia. Watch out for the up-coming Ruffneck Souljah gig taking place in Wellington, at Sandwiches on October 28.

Between the 15th and 25th of September Ruffneck Souljah Recordings returned to Australia for the fourth time in just over a year. This time touching down in Adelaide and Melbourne for four shows, the results were epic as always.

September 16th - Melbourne
Tonight we are playing on the top floor of a five level club called Brown Alley, enough with the jokes already aite!!! The space is massive, huge bass, heavy soundsystem, the promoters tell me they are expecting five hundred people tonight. Big up Lazydaze and Fractured for real!!!

We head home for a few hours rest then hit the club around midnight to see our good friends the “Turntable Terrorists” open up the dance for us. The boys play a great mixture of reggae, hip-hop and dancehall with excellent scratching and great live vocals from two MCs. Highlights include the acapella from “Forgot about Dre” over Doctors Darling Riddim and a live Hip-Hop remix of “Slice of Heaven” by Dave Dobbyn. Plenty of fresh upfront roots riddims and some great funk and soul classics. These guys really have their shit together and look set to go really far…

2am hits and we are finally on. Angela sets the pace with her Ruffneck Sound VIP acapella straight into Mr T and Mighty Asterix’s “Kill A Soundbwoy” collaboration over the “Woah Beat”. Mr T does his verses live and I drop machine gun fire over Asterix’s choruses totally tearing the place down. We hit them hard and heavy for the next two hours, alternating between dancehall reggae and live jungle/ragga jungle. Big tunes include Mr T’s cover of “Fuck the Police”, which actually gets the whole room chanting along with him, “Empress” by Mikey Dangerous and two Mighty Asterix dubplates “Truth and Rights” and “I Love to Smoke Marijuana”. Audience interaction and response is excellent from start to stop, and with around 400 heads in the place it’s a party from the word go. We close up around 4am and let the locals take back over, switching the night to straight drum and bass.

September 24th - Adelaide
Saturday morning and it’s time for the big show! Tonight we are playing at a two level party with D.Kay, Stamina MC, Bulletproof, Motive and many, many more. The promoters are expecting 800-1000 people and they are not joking as we find out later that night…

Sound check is a real drag and there are a few technical hitches that need solving but everything works out in the end. The whole town is super hyped for his event and we get recognized everywhere in our Ruffneck T-shirts. We chill for a few hours with our friends at the hotel and hit the club around midnight. The place is totally rammed and man, I did not realize how Rave the scene was going to be in Adelaide, Glowsticks and whistles everywhere…

We play upstairs for an hour following an Australian Hip-Hop act called Terra Firma and get one of the best responses we’ve ever had, despite sound issues. The crowd is extremely enthusiastic and very excited to be hearing something fresh, different and new. I really, really enjoy myself despite a general sense of exhaustion and lack of sleep…

Overall, big up Australia for real…Looks like we are going back in a few months!!!!!!!!!!!!


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