Monday, September 26, 2005

Album Review – New Testament – The Rootsman – Third Eye Music/MeteoSound Select Cuts

Respect to DJ Nastyk for his review of The Rootsman's album, New Testament.

The Rootsman is a musician who began his adventure in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1978 as a guitar player. His focus on the guitar lasted for only a short time as he realised the variety of other options available to him to pursue musically. The Rootsman then moved to Bradford, a place which has remained a base for him on his musical journey.

Since 1981 The Rootsman has produced vast amounts of music as well as working with a variety of people from many spectrums. Check the link for further information on him. The discography tab on his site gives a glimpse of the extent of his musical works as well as the variety of influences he has tapped into, resulting in the diversity of sounds he produces. A must check out! The Rootsman has also been a producer for many emerging talents and has been a driving force in collaboration between many distributors and producers. He strongly believes in collaboration and consciousness – two key components of true roots music. His efforts in staying true to the reggae world, while at the same time creating unique concepts and sounds are something I particularly appreciate about The Rootsman.

This album, New Testament, features vocals from a variety of artists such as Earl Sixteen, U Brown, Daddy Freddy, Jah Mason and many more. Although some of the album may not fit strictly into the spectrum of roots reggae, The Rootsman has definitely factored some key traditions to the sounds. My killer tracks without a doubt would have to be Earth Rightful Ruler with Fowlie Don and Action Alone with Bongo Chilli. Max respect to these riddims! Clean crisp recordings are a trademark of all of The Rootsman’s pieces, and these are clearly examples.

Without a doubt I plan to keep a close eye on this musician and will most definitely be adding more of his sounds to my collection. Check it out!



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