Thursday, August 04, 2005

Lemon's Authentic Selection Special

DJ Lemon has been part of the Wellington music scene for many years, is one of the founders of the reggae community in the capital and is renowned for his classic roots reggae selections. Massive respect to Lemon for providing the track-listing of his 'Authentic Selection Special' that aired on last week's Roots and Culture Show.

Dennis Hamilton - Destruction Splendid 12"
Sugar Minott - Funny Tricks Black Roots 12"
Aquizm - Kunte Kinte Ariwa 10"
Stamma Ranks - Taurus King Culture 7"
Mighty Massa- Armagideon Time Tribeworks 10"
Desi Roots- Weedfields Hawkeye 12"
Earl 16 - African Queen DATC 12"
Future Wind & Mikey Dread - Roots Man/Roots Man Jargon
Future Wind 12"
Trammie and Marquis IMF Germain 7"
Winston Edwards - Raw Roots from LP Grass Roots of Dub Studio 16LP
Linval Thompson - Rocking Vibration Burning Sounds 12"
Linval Thompson - Jah Guiding Star Clocktower 12"
Kofi- Didn't I Ariwa 12"
African Youth - Forward Down A Channel One Ver 7"
Johnny Clark - Sinners Repent Lees 7"
Ben Boo Guiding Star Roots Improvement 12"
Ras Takashi - Mystic Revelation Black Redemption 10"
Alton Ellis - Love On Top Version Body Music 12
Makka Bees - Nation Fiddler Congo 7"
Leroy Mafia - Beware of Your Enemies Sip A Cup 10"
Trevor Byfield - Burning Bush Rootical Dubber 7"
Ras Imru Asher & Entebbe Marshall/Version Entebbe Sounds 10"
Jah Woosh - So We Stay Collette 12"
Tamlins Stars D-Roy 12"
Pablo Gad - Gun Fever Reggae On Top CD


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