Monday, May 02, 2005

Melbourne Meanderings

Ok, I know that this is only my second post, and I know that this blog is meant to be about reggae in Wellington, but I recently visited Melbourne and I thought I would comment about my small taste of reggae in this city.

From what I managed to gather, Melbourne has a burgeoning reggae scene and one which seems to be steadily growing. I heard of a few places selling reggae, and checked out ‘Collector’s Corner’ at 240 Swanston Street which had a good selection of reggae and new dancehall. Performance wise, I noticed the names of a few crews around town, including Rastafari Rhythms, The Housewives, and Natty Sistren Sound and there also appeared to be regular weekly nights happening. Chantdown Soundsystem seemed to be one of the most prominent crews in Melbourne. They are made up of Jesse I and Ras Crucial. Chantdown run monthly ‘Mo Fire’ parties, which, according to Jesse I, have steadily grown in size, culminating in an epic 4th birthday party held last month. I also had the pleasure to attend a monthly gig called ‘Nice Up the Dance’ which was held in a bar called Mi Casa. The DJs selections ranged from roots to ragga to new dancehall, and the vibe of the night was comfortably chilled, but not too chilled to stop the crowd from showing their appreciation on the (near full) dance-floor. Thanks to the players on the night for their nice selections.

I think that what would be mutually beneficial for both the Wellington and Melbourne reggae communities would be to combine forces and run some parties. A chance for new future musical alliances perhaps?

Venus F.T.


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