Thursday, March 30, 2006

Made In Jamaica

Article from Big Up Radio about a new film in the making - Made In Jamaica - which is a "...portrait of the leaders of the reggae music movement, and how reggae has become a worldwide phenomenon". The film features Gregory Isaacs, Bunny Wailer, Third World, Beres Hammond, Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, Tanya Stephens, Bounty Killer, Elephant Man, Lady Saw and Capleton, among others.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Check It

This weekend in Wellington:

Friday 31 March - The Spice Traders - DJ Manray & The Spotlight Kid @ Good Luck

Saturday 1 April - Three Piece Suit - returns to the Matterhorn (Cuba Mall). DJs Duke Willis and Art Official bust shots and shake the foundations with king-size roots, dancehall, hiphop, funk and soul selections. For you and yours from 10pm till late

Saturday 1 April - DJ Lemon @ The Last Supper Club

Sunday 2 April - Sundaze - Rainman & Nastyk @ The Southern Cross, 3-7pm

Monday, March 27, 2006

NiceUp Tracks Of The Week

Take It Easy – Mad Lion

In 1991, US-based artist, Mad Lion, teamed up with hip-hop legend KRS-One, and a musical partnership was formed which has seen the two produce some of the most innovative and skilful hip-hop reggae in recent years. Mad Lion has recorded with some of the best dancehall reggae labels of today, such as Super Power, Jammy’s, VP Records and Massive B and has his own label, Killa Pride Productions. This track was released in 1994 and is off the Real Ting album.

No Funny Trick - Early B

Early B came to prominence for his skills as a vocalist in the late 70s and early 80s. Some of his albums include For Wheel No Real (1984), Clash Of The 80s Vol. 2 – Josie Wales meets Early B 1982-84 and Send In The Patient 1982-85. He was also part of the Jamaican soundsystem, Kilamanjaro. This track comes off the album, Triston Palma Meets Early B The Doctor. Very sadly, Early B was shot in 1994 in the US.

Luciano and Matisyahu

Article from the Jamaica Observer about a collaboration between Luciano and Jewish Reggae DJ, Matisyahu.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wha Gwaan

Lots of cool music to check out this weekend around town for reggae and hiphop heads. Highlights include:

Friday 24 - One Night In Havana - The Undercover Brother & Pauly Who - reggae and hiphop @ Havana

Saturday 25 - World Series Dancehall 2 - DollaMix, JahDogs, GKO, DJ Dozen & guests @ Seam

Saturday 25 - DJ Lemon @ The Last Supper Club

Sunday 26 - Sundaze, 3-7pm - Colynjah & Don Luchito @ The Southern Cross

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

World Series Dancehall 2

The next World Series Dancehall Party takes place this Saturday 25 March at Seam Bar, 48 Courtney Place. Players on the night include DollaMix, JahDogs, GKO and DJ Dozen, plus special guests. The party kicks off at 9pm, free entry, with drink specials all night. Check out bass flavours from all around the world, colliding inna dancehall stylee.

Reggae Headlines

A review on the Jimmy Cliff gig, from, which took place in New Plymouth on Saturday night at the TSB Bowl.

Article from the Jamaica Observer on Michael Campbell – the Dread at the Controls – and how he is celebrating his 30th anniversary in the music industry this year.

Article from the Jamaica Observer about Ini Kamoze and the “…highly anticipated collection of twenty-four tracks of (his) early works that have been re-recorded with top musicians such as guitarist Earl Chinna Smith (The Wailers), and mixed to Ini's full satisfaction”.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Top Ten Selections - DollaMix

DollaMix has been blazing up dance-floors around town in the past few months, playing weekly Wednesday night sessions at Seam Bar, starting up the ‘World Series Dancehall’ nights, and DJ'ing at various other parties in the area. He is known for bringing the freshest dancehall selections to the Welly massive, while mixing it up with the classics. You can catch him this weekend at the next ‘World Series’ party, at Seam Bar, Saturday 25 – a night to check out for sure. Nuff respect to DollaMix for his Top Ten Track Selections for March.

DollaMixes' Big Tunes

1. Sleng Teng Resurrection - Bounty Killer
Double time madness from the 'cross, angry, mizzerable' Maestro. (Note: Dibby DJ Alert: Original by Wayne Smith far too played out. Leave at home please).

2. Welcome To Jamrock - LP - Damian Marley
Fusion crossover perfection from Marley Jnr. Whole album pretty good with obvious stand outs. Dancehall for the whole family. See you at the concert...

3. Loving That You Want - Rhianna
Where'd this gyal come from anyway? Sexy, black, barbie-doll pop. You know you love it - don't front!

4. More Punnany - Doctor Evil
Freshest new style award goes to... Dr Evil. Proving comedy still rules the dancehall (Chorus: “Last nite me got some punnany. Rite now me want more punnany”!). Nuff said.

5. Ghetto Story - Baby Cham
Back from the brink of cross-over hell with an instant classic! Mad rewinds with this one. (Anything on Eighty-five riddim will do actually).

6. Take It Easy - Ritchie Spice
...And any other song this guy has made in the last year.

7. Oh Yes - Sizzla
Only Sizzla Kalonji could take a beat this minimal and turn it into a darned opera! (PC DJ alert: No batty slaying pon dis record (not that I can make out anyway).

8. Can't Satisfy Her - I Wayne
This is just one of those records. Drop this one any time, any where! Puullll Upppp!

9. As a Man - Assassin
"It's anudda one - Murrdah"! Good, hard, gimmick-less fuel injected deejaying over good, hard, gimmick-less riddim (Sleepy Dog) One for the headphones. One for the Heads!

10. Let's Dance - Elephant Man
No, not a Bowie cover (not yet?) - It's a Cindy Lauper cover! The gals’ dem just wanna have fun after all. Exquisite stoopidity. (warning: drunks only...).

11. BONUS OLDIE: Movie Star - Wayne Wonder
Just doesn't get any better than this.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

2005 Reggae Music Video 3

2005 Reggae Music Video 3, released by Music International Distributors, features a variety of artists and their big releases for 2005. Some of the highlights include :

*Ruffian Medley - Xray, Fantan Mojah, Bass, Frasser, Bescenta
*Striptease Medley - Shaggy, Cecile, Bling Dawn, Voicemail, General Degree, Ward 21, Wayne Marshall, Rik Rok, Kiprich, Brian & Tony Gold, Zumjay, Macka Diamond, Danny English, Blacker
*It's A Pity - Tanya Stephens
*Hail The King - Fantan Mojah
*Welcome To Jamrock - Jnr Gong
*Magic City - Buju Banton
*Can't Walk In Peace - Sugar Roy & Conrad Crystal

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Reggae Runnings

Lots happening over the next few weeks for Wellington reggae-heads. Get on out there and enjoy the international and local beats on offer.

This weekend in Wellington:

Fri 17 - The Spice Traders - DJ Manray and The Spotlight Kid @ Havana

Sat 18 - Fried Chicken Soundsystem - Kava, DDog, Solid Wax & special guest Skam @ Curve

Sat 18 - DJ Lemon @ The Last Supper Club

Sun 19 - Sundaze - CoopaBlue and Kenese @ The Southern Cross, 3-7pm

And also:

Sat 18 - Jimmy Cliff @ The TSB Bowl, New Plymouth

Fri 24 - One Night In Havana - The Undercover Brother and Pauly Who @ Havana

Sat 25 - World Series Dancehall - DollaMix, DJ Dozen, GKO and guests @ Seam

Fri 31 - The Spice Traders @ Good Luck

Thurs 06 April - Jnr Gong @ The St James, Auckland

Sat 22 April - The Skatalites @ Indigo

NiceUp Tracks Of The Week

Blood and Fire were founded in 1993 and their philosophy is "to bring the standard of reggae reissues up to the level of the best in jazz, blues, R&B...and to ensure that both artists and producers are paid for their work".

Among their latest releases are six, 7 inch singles on the Congo's classic "Fisherman" rhythm, with vocalists including Big Youth, Horace Andy, Luciano, Lutan Fyah, Max Romeo, Michael Rose, U Roy and Prince Jazzbo. Definite tracks to check.

Monday, March 13, 2006

One Night In Havana

Join The Undercover Brother and special Auckland guest, Pauly Who, at Havana on Friday 24 March for a night of reggae and hip-hop. A great party to check out after the De La Soul gig which takes place on the same night - phat beats a plenty.

Bounty Killer

Part 2 and Part 3 of the interview with Bounty Killer, from the Jamaica Star.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sunsplash Festival Returns

Article from the Jamaica Gleaner about the return of the Sunsplash Festival to Jamaica..."Not only is it the first staging of the event since 1997 in Ocho Rios, St. Ann, but it has a new venue and new sponsors".

Easy Star Records

Easy Star Records began in 1996 and are based in New York. The label came into being with the philosophy and goal to “…better reflect reggae’s diversity : modern roots productions, using live instrumentation and vintage recording techniques, to recapture and re-imagine the spirit of reggae’s golden age ; innovative dancehall riddims to keep current with reggae as it evolves ; and reissues of rare recordings that influenced both of these styles”. The Easy Star collective aims to inspire a new generation of reggae listeners, and another central goal is to foster “…a vibrant community of reggae fanatics to ensure the music’s health for years to come”. It does this primarily through its music and its website.

Easy Star releases music from some of the most-established reggae artists, and also some of the newest. The label has put out some top-class releases. These include Easy Star Vol. 1 (an original compilation of established stars like Sister Carol, Sugar Minott, Ranking Joe, and the Meditations with up-and-coming artists), Ghetto Knowledge (The Meditations), Two Roads (Triston Palma) and All I Have Is Love : A Tribute To Studio One. On a dancehall tip, the label released Easy Star Vol. 2 : Dancehall Culture (featuring, among others, Luciano, Anthony B and Frankie Paul).

On the reissue front, some standouts include Ghetto-ology + Dub, Rare Gems and Hidden Treasures (Sugar Minott), and Can’t Stop Us Now (Linval Thompson’s productions).

Check their website for more details on Easy Star Records – an innovative New York based crew, helping to continue the forward movement of reggae music worldwide.

Friday, March 10, 2006

What's On...

Saturday 11 - DJ Lemon @ The Last Supper Club

Sunday 12 - Sundaze - Rainman & Don Luchito @ The Southern Cross

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

NiceUp Tracks Of The Week

One Step Forward – Max Romeo

Max Romeo was born in 1947 in St D'Acre, Jamaica, and at 18 years of age won a local talent contest and left for Kingston, where he launched his career as a reggae vocalist. After his initial rude boy beginnings with tracks such as 'Wet Dream', Romeo turned to Rastafarianism to express the injustices of the political and social inequalities he saw and experienced around him. This track comes from the seminal album, 'War Ina Babylon', released in 1976 and produced by Lee Perry, which many class as his Romeo’s best and most powerful work.

Hard Time Pressure – Sugar Minott

The impact that Sugar Minott has had on the reggae industry worldwide cannot be underestimated. Born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1956, he began his career as a child working with soundsystems, and then launched his own sound as a teen. In 1969 he joined forces with Tony Tuff and Derrick Howard to form the African Brothers – a first-class roots trio. After the group split to pursue solo careers, Minott continued to record continuously, while also setting up his own labels, one of them being 'Youth Promotion' – a foundation dedicated to allowing the youth to express themselves and be heard. The label has promoted artists such as Yami Bolo, Junior Reid and Tenor Saw. This track was released in 1980 on the album 'Black Roots'. Stay tuned for details of the Sugar Minott Interview Exclusive, produced and hosted by Art Official, coming soon to Radio Active’s Roots and Culture show.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Newtown Festival

The sun was shining on the Southern suburbs on Sunday for the annual Newtown Festival Fair day. Known as a multi-cultural, diverse event, this year was no exception, with a variety of stalls, crafts, food and performers.
The DJ stage on Green Street was a stand-out part of the day - nuff respect to Art Official, Nastyk, Topknot, Misteek, Don Luchito, DJ Dozen, Kerb and DJ Lemon for high-grade beats ranging from reggae, hip-hop and dancehall to African and Asian.

Bounty Killer

Interview from the Jamaica Star with dancehall legend, Bounty Killer, focussing on "...the many talents that he has introduced into music, those who have made it big, others who he has had to leave to time".

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Jnr Gong

Article from the NZ Herald about Jnr Gong and his up-coming Auckland gig on Thursday 6 April at the St James.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Newtown Festival 2006

The DJ stage returns to the Newtown Festival fair day this year, located this time in Green Street, behind the National Bank building. Performers on this stage include Art Official, Don Luchito, DJ Nastyk, DJ Kerb, DJ Dozen, Danny Lemon, and Yardwise. You can expect to hear music ranging from Reggae, Hiphop, Jazz, Electronica, Soul, Dancehall, and also Asian and African beats to reflect Newtown's diverse and multi-cultural community.

The programme will run something like this:

10am Art Official (Jazz/Instrumental)
11am DJ Dozen (African Beats)
12pm DJ Nastyk (Asian Underground)
1pm Danny Lemon (Reggae)
2pm DJ Kerb (Soul/R&B)
3pm DJ Don Luchito (Hiphop)
4pm Yardwise (Dancehall)

For information about the 2006 Newtown Festival see

Double Barrel

Get on down to Havana Bar on Friday 3 March and check out the Duke and Daddy Topknot, spinning ska, funk, reggae and afro beat for your listening pleasure. Guaranteed to start your weekend off in an irie way.