Sunday, July 31, 2005

Lotek HiFi

I payed a visit to Auckland in the weekend and checked out a monthly gig called ‘The Turnaround’ held at ‘Rising Sun’ on K-Road. The Turnaround nights have grown steadily in size and are now big nights in the Auckland dance calendar. This month The Turnaround played host to Wayne Bennett, founding member of UK group Lotek HiFi, on the Big Dada label. Lotek HiFi have brought out a self-titled album and their next offering, ’Mixed Blessings’, is due out in September. They have been part of a movement of UK artists spearheading the production of highly innovative hip-hop, reggae, ragga and dancehall sounds.

By 1 am there was a solid crowd on the dance floor, enjoying the beats played the Stinky Jim. Lotek eventually stepped up, but instead of playing an expected DJ set, he stayed on the microphone for the night, allowing Stinky Jim to drop all the beats. They were varied, ranging from down-beat to electro to dancehall, and of course some of Lotek’s own.

What made the night for me was guest vocalist Spikey T. Spikey rocked the mic later in the night and his first-class singing and MC’ing picked up the vibe and complemented the sounds well.

Lotek had a promotional mix CD for sale for his upcoming Mixed Blessings album. This was a nice mix providing some tasters of what we can expect on the album. Look out for the release of Mixed Blessings in September, one sure to further set the standard for hip-hop artists worldwide.

On Saturday I checked Ruffian and MC Arme from Auckland sound-system Champion Sound and Cian at the Khuja Lounge. Nice hip-hop and dancehall beats were well-received from the dance floor.


Blogger wu-wei said...

Hey there l'il chicken. ust flying throuh cos I saw the nuttiest thing on the korean mtv thing. For an atni-weed nation these guys certainly push the envelope. And I pissed myself when their name showed up. Yo check it:

7:58 pm  
Anonymous ewan big dada said...

cheers for the Lotek HiFi mention, the album, 'mixed blessings' is out now...

also check out the Part2 album, its fucking heavy, think youll enjoy.

take it easy

12:47 am  

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