Monday, June 27, 2005

Community Music

Wellington has a vibrant, strong community of reggae musicians, and an equally strong base of supporters – something which we should all be proud of. The passion and dedication that is present in our city is something which sets it apart from many others. These qualities and strengths will continue to grow as long as the music community works to foster them.

It is fantastic to see so many hard-working DJs putting on parties and spreading the music and vibe to the dance-floor massive. I think we all agree that Wellington would not be the same without the music that is contained within it.

That is why our musicians need all the support and backing that we can possibly give to them. For the average person, this could mean making sure you get out there and regularly attend the parties that the crews are putting on, make an effort to represent on the dance-floor and show your appreciation.

There are however, other parts of the community which can show their support and backing in different ways – namely the bars and venues where all these gigs are held. The bars and clubs that exist in a city play crucial parts in the success of the music scene. Putting on gigs is an expensive, labour intensive exercise and without proper financial backing and reasonable terms and conditions for musicians, putting on parties becomes near impossible – especially in a city such as Wellington with a relatively small population base. Clubs are in a position to “make or break” a musical event.

Any little bit of support really does count, from helping to cover promotion costs, to giving regular crews good hire-age deals, to making sure that quality DJs are reimbursed fully for their work and are valued. And surely this is mutually beneficial for all concerned – if venues give support, musicians are able to be more productive, which means more parties, which in turn means more need for and usage of venues, and so the cycle continues.

I hope that our musicians and DJs are given the support and respect they are due, by all parts of the community, especially those that are in a position to really make a difference.


Anonymous ruffness said...

Yo BIG UPs venus for dis!!!
Indeed for Wellington's size there is much depth, knowledge and variations of music style just within the Reggae community itself.
This is a tru reflection of the loyalties playas and people who do get involved in many different forms have to the music and what surrounds it....and it continues to be a focus and drive.

So to all involved, keep it tru and keep it going...there is never enough and there is always satisfaction in return...PRICELESS !!

12:00 PM  

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